״a courageous cabaret, and one of the most significant cabaret being presented today.. the actors are amazing and the story is in every one of us, as Peles says.

Keren Peles is one of the most intriguing artists in Israeli theater today.
She did not follow the classic rules of cabaret, instead creating something innovative and fresh, set to rock music and full of truth and honesty.

the audience feels like a fly on the wall in this story. The first row in the audience is half a meter from the stage, and the last one is just six meters from the stage.

That’s it- the whole cabaret is
In Your Face!״

by Ofek Levy | BroadwayWorld

“The show is nothing less of a brilliant masterpiece, which reflects the new era and includes penetrating multimedia, live and kicking music, witty texts and an authentic erotic story of attraction that creeps into the soul.

In this Cabaret you can see innovative technology, the fruit of Israeli development.

The audience is asked to download an application developed especially for the show and through the app they receive a stormy correspondence between Keren and Amir and their bold selfies throughout the show.

You won’t want to take your eyes off what’s happening on stage.”

Yasmin levi | Salona

״Instead of being infidelitous, go and watch infidelity on a stage.

Keren Peles’ debut play is the dark version of the film “Inside Out”: What goes through a cheating woman’s mind, what motivates her, what stops her, and what betrayal looks like in action.
Tons of feminine sex appeal, magnetizing and powerful, poured out on stage..
This bold creation is the surprise of the year.
This show left me speechless.
The amount of talent, creativity, originality, courage, songs and choreography that was there in that tiny space was inspiring.

So if you do a rock cabaret for adults, then that’s exactly how it should be – a show that leaves you thinking and wondering about the world, about the revolving doors we all have and the desire to find the thrill in the exhausting routine.״

Lily Shratzky Elmaleh | Mako

“April Fools is about embracing our true selves, including our imperfections, and how our sensuality and sexuality are a part of that, adding to one’s power rather than detracting from it..

exploring new boundaries and taking risks in many ways..
at its heart it is a celebration of joy: of life and of being back for the incredible experience that is live theatre

The story is inspired by Keren Peles’ own life and went on to have hundreds of sold-out performances in Israe..
with audiences hooked by the question of what was fiction and what was fact.
This will be a rare opportunity to hear her award-winning songs in English.”

A.A. Cristi | BroadwayWorld

“The audience is not a passive observer.
This is probably the first time that theatre patrons will be asked to turn on their cell phones

In what proved to be a hit with tech-loving Israelis, an app is downloaded before the performance that allows the audience to view the heated texts between the two lovers. Besides adding a voyeuristic thrill, at a certain point, audience members may intervene and influence the plot.

When a theatre advises audiences that they will need a cold shower after seeing a new play”

Janice Arnold | The cjn

״Infidelity, desires and lots of sex.
The brave side of Keren Peles was revealed on stage.
The real hero of “April Fools” that Keren Peles wrote for Keren Peles, is not Keren Peles or the intriguing adultery or the stormy love story.
The big star on the stage is female sexuality when it’s exposed, fun and complicated.״

Ma’ayan Roda | Walla

״An exciting and powerful show. One of the most refreshing, brave and original pieces of musical theater created here recently.״

Shai Bar Ya’akov | Yediot